Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More Socks

I just finished this pair of socks for a lady who had socks from me before & really liked them.
I used Online 4 ply yarn Fancy Colour Range number 1347 I think the picture of the colours show them a bit brighter than they are in true life while my photo is a bit darker may be when the lady receives them she will comment to say what she thinks

Fancy Colour Range
Colour 1347 
If you like to order some socks or if you like something knitted please contact me if you comment I will receive it or you can e-mail me if you go to my profile

Monday, 14 May 2012

Silk Socks

I just finished some socks for me I used the Online yarn that I get from Germany, it a 4 ply yarn
Here are the colours that the range do

As you see from the socks below I knitted them using the bottom left hand side yarn which is 108
The yarn is 55% Merino 20% Silk & 25% Polyamide using this type of yarn with silk in I do tend to find that I can get away with a size smaller & less rows as after a little wear they do stretch a little 
If anyone wishes to order some socks please do get in touch as you may see from previous post I do take orders so contact me for more details & price